“kote muer ale chimere mure atuta ape mure; Wherever I go go, the road traveled is with me” -Granny Joan

“Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past” -George Orwell

Laser beams, starships, alien planets, you imagine it and it is. Will we be in the future? This photographic journey is about the boundless energy of our minds and imagination. It's about unity and creativity. It is not about escapism. It does not accept defeat, rather plays with the idea of victory. It is a tool to be wielded and a magic to be harnessed. Can you not just imagine but will a fruitful present and future for others. This work is about destroying the fabric of a time that separated us and threading a new quilt. How do we survive? And most importantly, how do we survive, together?